Google Chrome extension for Arabic translation

Google Chrome is a free, open source software that allows you to translate text and video.

Now, thanks to an extension developed by a French company, the tool can translate Arabic text in Arabic.

“The Arabic text is translated by the extension and displayed in a more elegant way than the default text browser,” the company said in a blog post.

The new version of Google Chrome adds a few extra features, including an Arabic translation that also includes Arabic subtitles.

The extension adds a native Arabic translation feature, but it does not offer an English translation.

The company added that the Arabic text could be used in some other languages.

Google Chrome, which costs $9.99 per year, is a version of Chrome for Android and iOS that allows users to browse the web, use Google Play Store apps, download movies and music and download news and weather.

It also offers several other features.

For instance, you can turn off the “Google Play Store for Windows” setting, which restricts the ability of the app to install applications from the Windows Store.

Google also removed a feature called “Google Search” in Google Chrome that allowed you to search for the name of an item in the search results.

You can also set up the “Always show English as the default” option to enable the text to always display in English.

Google has also removed an update that could have blocked a feature that allows developers to install additional fonts.

Google said that the new Arabic translation was built by Google Arabic and is available for free.

Google will soon release a Chrome extension that is similar to Google Translate that will let you translate text in any language.

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