Russian translation of UK TV series ‘The Hobbit’ is better than US edition

Russian translator of the BBC series “The Hobbit” has said the English version is better, in a tweet on Thursday.

In a tweet from @russianrepo, @davidcovid tweeted that the English subtitles of “The Bilbo Baggins Adventures” by BBC2 are “better than the US” version.

He also posted a picture of the subtitles, which are available on BBC2’s website.

Bilbo Baggin is the main character of the British television series.

In the series, the Hobbit (real name Peter Jackson) is a hobbit who has been searching for the lost city of Gondor, which he finds in the woods of northern Norway.

Baggins adventures lead him to the Lonely Mountain and beyond, to a world that resembles Middle-earth.

In his BBC2 interview with David Cameron in 2011, the prime minister praised the Russian version of the series.

“I like it.

It’s a really good translation, and the quality is superb,” he said.”

It’s an adaptation of a story that’s been told in a different language.

You can read it in English, and it’s wonderful.”

In the past, some versions of the original story have been adapted for Russian, but the BBC has been forced to cut them from its English version after they were criticised for their lack of accuracy.

In April, the BBC said it would cut the English-language version of “A Hobbit” from the programme, which airs on BBC One and the BBC iPlayer.

It is understood that the BBC will continue to use a version of this film that does not feature Bilbo, despite the BBC saying it would be “unfair” to the public if it did not.

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