Thai language lessons taught by Iranian teachers

An Iranian woman from the northern city of Chiang Mai is teaching Thai to her son in the capital, Bangkok.

The Iranian mother, who asked not to be named, was born and raised in the country and has a degree in English and philosophy.

She came to Thailand with her husband in 2004, living in the western part of the country.

“My parents were from Iran and my grandparents were Iranian and they taught me how to speak Thai,” she said.

“I was very interested in Thai culture and history, so when my son asked me about learning Thai, I thought that’s what he wanted to learn.”

She has been teaching him Thai in a small class in her apartment since his father was in prison, and she said the language is easier for his younger sister to learn.

“It is a new language, so they can learn the grammar and also the pronunciation.

The students have been doing well,” she added.”

He’s very happy with it, he loves it and we’re really excited for him to be able to learn it and speak Thai.”

Her son has already spoken Thai with his family, and said she had done a lot of work in the past three years to ensure that she has enough resources to provide for him.

“She is helping me with my education,” she told the ABC.

We’re all happy to see that he is learning Thai.””

Now, she is helping him with his learning.”

We’re all happy to see that he is learning Thai.

“The lessons are being provided by the Iranian consulate here in Thailand.”

Teacher’s daughter to speak to boy after hearing his first language article After speaking with her father, the Iranian mother said her son wanted to know if Thai was easy to learn, but said it would be hard for him not to learn more.

“As soon as he said, ‘I want to learn Thai’, I immediately started working with him,” she explained.

“There is a lot to learn and to learn quickly.”

But when he started talking, it was a bit difficult for me because it’s a language that he’s never spoken before.””

I thought, ‘Why does he want to know Thai?’ but I was really happy to hear that he was really interested.

“The mother said she wanted to be sure that her son had everything he needed before sending him off to university.”

Once he went to university, he started working, so he’s got everything he needs,” she continued.”

Now, I want to make sure that he will have everything he wants, including the support system and also to make him happy and healthy.

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