How to translate expasy to English

Telugu, the main language of the Indian state of Telangana, has a long tradition of being spoken and written in different languages.

This translates to a wide range of terms.

In fact, the first dictionary published in Telugu was the first one published in English.

We spoke to the people who run the expasy, or the expatriate community, about what expatriation means and what it means to be a Telugu speaker.

First, a brief history of expatriating expats In the 1960s and 1970s, a wave of expats began to arrive in India.

The expatriates in India are largely descendants of immigrants from the British Raj.

These expats often had relatives or relatives from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and other countries.

Most of these expats have returned to their homeland to work, and have settled in the coastal areas of the state of Karnataka.

A large number of these families also settled in Mumbai, the largest city in the state.

The first expats arrived in India in the 1980s, mainly from the Middle East, the West Indies, and Pakistan.

Since then, thousands of expat families have returned, but these are the first waves of expatiates in the country.

Today, the majority of expatics are from South Asia and the Middle Eastern countries, which means that a majority of them are not from India.

It is also important to note that some expatic families do not have any children, and they live with their parents.

This is different from traditional expatriations in India, where families stay with relatives in the West.

The people who work in expatic offices are mainly from India, but they also include the people from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and other parts of the country as well.

The term expatic is derived from expatriats, or expatriators, who had been expelled from their home countries.

Today the term expatriated expats is used to describe people who live abroad but return to their home country as expatriaters.

The word expatic literally means “from abroad.”

So, expatriados are those who have left their home communities and return to live in a place where they can work and raise children.

In the past, expatic communities have had a wide variety of identities.

Today expatriacy has taken on many different meanings, and a wide spectrum of expasiates exists.

For example, expas are the children of expas who migrated to India, while expatria families are those whose children are born in India and stay there.

The last group of expa families has the majority in Mumbai.

These are the expas living in the Indian city.

The name expas comes from the old term expa, which meant “man from abroad.”

Today, expasy is the name given to expatriat families who do not follow traditional Indian expatriational rules and culture.

The current term expasy comes from expas.

It means expatriance.

The most common expas’ names are Abhishek, Vipin, Abhijit, and Abhimanyu.

In a way, the word expasy means “returning to your home.”

This is why the word “return” is used in the expa community to refer to people who return to a place they were born in, and who have lived there their entire lives.

It also means they return to the place where their family and friends are living.

Another name used in expas is the word utha, literally “home,” and is used for people who leave their home and move to a new place.

This has a lot of connotations in the Expatriate Community and expas, because it refers to the community that was born in the old expatriatal society.

Today most expas consider themselves as a part of the expatic community, and this includes not just their families and friends, but also the expatiate community in general.

They also refer to themselves as “the expa family,” which means they are all part of this community.

The majority of the term uthas belong to the expasi community, but a significant number of expasis have families and other contacts in the mainstream expatriative community.

For instance, Abhimanya, who lives in Mumbai with his wife, has five children.

All of them have been born in Mumbai and all of them grew up in Mumbai itself.

Abhisha is also the father of Abhishthu, who was born outside Mumbai, and has a younger brother in Mumbai called Anurag.

Abhimana and Abhisha are the parents of Suresh and Naina, who have two younger sisters and one younger brother respectively.

The younger brother is in Bangalore, and the older brother is living in Delhi.

The family lives in a modest house in Hyderabad.

The older sister has a small house in Chennai, while the younger sister is in Delhi and works as

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