Spanish Inquisition: The most fascinating stories about the Inquisition, the most terrifying and fascinating stories in Spanish history

The Spanish Inquisition, which lasted from the 14th century until the middle of the 20th century, has been described by historian and author Paul Ehrlich as the most frightening of all the Inquisition’s inquisitions.

It is estimated there were more than 10,000 Spanish Inquisition trials and executions, more than three times as many as were executed in the entire British Isles during the Great Famine of the 1840s.

But the Inquisition has been overshadowed by the other Inquisition trials in the modern day: the Armenian genocide, the slave trade and the forced relocation of Indigenous Australians in the 20s and 30s. 

A new book, The Spanish in Australia: The Inquisition and the Making of Modern Australia, is the first to bring to light how the Spanish Inquisition was used as a political tool against Indigenous Australians.

This includes the forcible relocation of 1.3 million Indigenous Australians between 1828 and 1834, which led to the deaths of over 2,000 Indigenous people.

In a recent interview, Ehrich said the book shows that the Spanish were not only the perpetrators of this, but the perpetrators who used it to further their own ends.

He said the Spanish “invented” the term ‘insurgent’ and described the Inquisition as the “first modern instrument of political terror”.

“The Spanish Inquisition is a form of terror.

The Inquisition is not just a political instrument, it is a psychological instrument,” he said.

Ehrlich, who is the author of The Spanish Inmates in Australia, said the Inquisition was a “modern, institutionalised, institutionalized instrument of terror” that “played an important role in a system of terror and coercion against Indigenous peoples” and was “taken for granted by all of those who worked on the Spanish side of things”.

“It is quite shocking that this Inquisition is still used today in some parts of Australia and the Western world, and is still being used in some countries, particularly the US and Britain, in their prisons, for example,” he told

“It was an extremely brutal system.

It was an extreme, violent and systematic way of extracting Indigenous peoples into their own territories.”

It’s just a shame we’ve lost that legacy.

The book does an excellent job of telling the story of the Inquisition and what it was all about.

You see how this was used, you see how it was used to try to force Indigenous people to leave their lands, to move out of their ancestral territory, or to take up arms against the Spanish.

“It’s also important to note that the Inquisition had a strong influence on the development of Indigenous Australian culture.

Aboriginal Australians in Australia While the Inquisition did use the language and language of the Indigenous people who were being forced to move, it was also a tool to “force Indigenous Australians to embrace their traditional languages and traditions”.

For example, in 1828, the Spanish wrote to Aboriginal leaders asking for their support in their fight to reclaim their traditional language, and in the same year, the French also asked for support.

During the First World War, the Inquisition tried to force Aboriginal people to convert to Christianity, but it failed.

After the war, the Spaniards decided that they wanted to use the Inquisition to further the interests of the Spanish Crown and the French Empire.

For many Indigenous Australians, this meant a return to their Indigenous heritage.

They became known as “the people of the Bible”, and were taught how to live by the “Old Testament”.

The Inquisition also influenced the way Indigenous Australians responded to the British government’s forced relocation program in Australia in the 1840 and 1850s.

Indigenous Australians were forced to relocate to remote outback regions and to live in conditions of extreme poverty.

Their languages were lost or lost altogether.

As a result, Indigenous Australians faced discrimination, and the persecution of the government, and a number of Indigenous people were killed.

However, the majority of those people remained loyal to the Crown.

There was a backlash against the Inquisition from Indigenous Australians as well.

Despite the Inquisition being a tool used by the Crown against Indigenous people, many Indigenous people also felt betrayed by the government.

Many Indigenous people in Australia had become “rebellious”, and felt betrayed and persecuted by the British, Echols said.

In his research, Ehlert also uncovered the history of the English language in Australia.

When the English first came to Australia in 1789, Indigenous people living in New South Wales and the South West were already speaking English, but by the 1820s, the English were in decline.

With the arrival of the American and French settlers, many in New Australia and South West had become English speakers.

Some of those speakers became radical, anti-colonial and anti-capitalist, but others became anti-Semitic and anti, in the

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