What if the internet is actually the only medium for translating ancient Greek texts?

The internet has opened up a whole new world of communication, and it has opened a new way for translation.

While the vast majority of the world’s languages are now spoken online, the world of ancient Greek is a unique place.

It has the world famous inscription on its tomb that was built by the famous mathematician Pythagoras, and the ancient Greek language is said to be the first language spoken in the ancient world.

But that wasn’t always the case.

Today, a number of Greek-speaking cultures and languages are dying out.

In an effort to preserve this history and culture, some of the most famous Greek-language translators have gone to the internet to create a portal to preserve their languages and culture.

Here are 10 languages that have vanished over the years.


Old Persian The Persian language is ancient, spoken by millions in many countries.

It is a combination of several dialects, which are considered different dialects of the same language.

Its name comes from the fact that the first recorded Persian word was Ḥabīd.

The word means “sun” in Persian, and its meaning is sun god. The term ḥabīda, which is translated into English as “son of sun”, comes from this name.

In ancient times, there was a common word called هيفد, which means “the sun”.

Persian became the official language of the Persian Empire and was also the lingua franca of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

In the 20th century, the term Ẓūmūrī, meaning “sun god”, also became the unofficial language of Iran and Afghanistan, and was used in religious ceremonies and festivals.

But even today, the word Ẑūmī, which literally means “light” in English, still has the same meaning in Persian.

Today there are approximately 250 million people living in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to the World Health Organization.

There are also many other languages spoken in Iran.

Some of them, such as Arabic and Urdu, are also considered by some as the official languages of the country.

The most famous of these languages is Persian.

But, despite the popularity of its name, Persian has been slowly disappearing in the past decades.

Many of the languages of Iran are still spoken, but are considered to be a minority language.


Hebrew The Hebrew language is the official written language of Israel.

It was the original language spoken by all Jews until the late 19th century.

Today Hebrew is the lingual language of almost every nation, and has an estimated 70 million speakers in Israel.

Today the term שלאון, which translates to “my people”, is used in Hebrew to refer to all Jews.

The language has been gradually being spoken and understood by people around the world, with a few exceptions, like the Israeli-born actress Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Hebrew has an official language status of “official” or “official in Hebrew” in Israel, and is the language spoken for the purposes of the state.


Tibetan The Tibetan language has a long history.

Its original name means “long-lived” in Tibetan, and means “king of mountains” in Sanskrit.

Today Tibetan is the most popular language in Tibet, and people still speak it, despite being banned by the Chinese government.


Mongolian The Mongolian language was once the official tongue of Mongolia.

Today Mongolia has around 7 million people, and some speakers speak Mongolian.

Mongolia is home to the world-famous Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, which was established in the 8th century B.C. It became the main base for Tibetan Buddhism, and today there are around 25,000 monks and nuns living there.

Mongolians also speak several other languages, including Dari, which has been spoken since the 17th century and is a language of Mongolia and Russia.


Chinese The Chinese language is an official tongue for Chinese speakers, and also a language that was written in the form of a script.

It comes from a branch of Chinese grammar called 李宗學.

It also means “my father’s tongue”, which is the name of the Chinese character that is the basis for the Chinese characters, 元.


Urdu Urdu is the unofficial written language in Pakistan.

Its language has many speakers, most of whom live in India and Bangladesh.

Urdhar is the second most common language spoken, after Hindi.

Urder is the only language spoken at the headquarters of the Pakistan Army.

Urdsar is the third most common, and most spoken language.

Urdaab is the first official language spoken outside of Pakistan.


Arabic The Arabic language is a descendant of the Arabic language.

It can be considered as the mother language of Arabic, as

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