What is the difference between a translation and a translation app?

By now you probably know that most of the languages that are commonly spoken in the world are written in Chinese, which means that there are a lot of languages written in different scripts and not all of them are written the same way.

However, there are exceptions.

There are a few languages that have a single script, and that’s the Chinese alphabet.

This means that for most of them, the written word can be translated into one of these scripts.

However there are also a few that have two scripts.

These are called Chinese scripts and the difference is a little bit different for each one.

Chinese characters are used to write and type characters in the Chinese language.

Chinese is a dialect of English.

The difference between Chinese and English is that in English, the letters are not in the same order as they are in Chinese.

For example, when writing letters in Chinese characters, the first letter is called a h, and the second letter is a z.

However in English there are only two letters, the letter I and the letter O, and both letters are written with the same characters.

The way the letters look depends on the language of the script and the language they are written from.

For Chinese, a letter with two zeros (h) is called hu, and a letter without two zeroes (h z) is a guo, and vice versa.

For English, there is no difference in the way the letter h looks.

The letters have the same shape, the same width, and they are all in the exact same position on the page.

The reason for this is that English has a different system for writing than Chinese.

In English, writing is done using a straight line and a stroke of the pen.

The pen stroke determines how far along the line it is.

This is different from the way Chinese is written, which is done in a roundel.

In Chinese, the line is usually written using two strokes of the hand.

The stroke that moves the pen slightly along the straight line determines the stroke that will move the line further along.

For writing in Chinese it is more important to write in a straight-line, because the line doesn’t have any curves to it.

The Chinese alphabet is not written in a way that looks very different from English, but it is a very different writing system.

There is no single way to write Chinese characters.

There isn’t a single way for a Chinese person to write or type a word in Chinese as well as English.

There aren’t many rules in Chinese that dictate what Chinese characters mean, and there are no rules in English for how Chinese characters should look.

Some Chinese words are written like English words, while other words are more like American English words.

If you ask a Chinese student in a class about the difference in Chinese and American English, he will most likely say that the difference looks like American words.

This makes sense, because Chinese is the language used to study and write in, and Chinese characters have a much larger size than English ones.

There also aren’t any rules for how long characters are allowed to be.

When writing Chinese characters for the first time, you need to read the rules carefully.

It’s important to understand what each word means, what it does, and when to write it down.

You should be able to figure out how to write the word by looking at the characters, because when you use the characters for a given purpose, you will often find them to look like the word that you want to say.

It is important to make sure that you don’t misspell the word or make up words, because you can end up with a mistake.

There’s also a little thing called a diacritic.

When you write in Chinese a word with a diagresis mark (i) is written like the letter b, but when you write it with the diacritics “x”, “z”, “b” or “x z”, the letter “x” becomes the letter z.

You can make up the words in Chinese with the characters you already know, so if you want a Chinese word to be written like a French word, you can write it like a Spanish word or like an Italian word.

There may also be certain diacritical marks that are written differently depending on the character used.

For instance, in Chinese letters that are placed with a “y” at the end of the character, are written as “yài”.

This is not the case in English.

In fact, in English we often place a “n” on these characters to mark them as nouns.

However when you are writing in China, the “yì” has a special meaning, because it means “to do.”

Chinese writing is different than English writing because there is not a single letter that is used for writing and typing.

Instead, the characters are arranged in a row or column.

The top row is called the main character

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