How to Translate a Chinese App

La bamba translates Indonesian.

I have had this app on my phone for the past week and am trying to translate it for the first time.

I do not understand the Chinese characters I see.

I am trying.

This app uses a Google translation app called iTranslate.

It will ask you to fill out a translation.

If you type in the wrong word, the app will tell you.

So I typed in: 제법화드면세요라리자.

This means “I like to watch TV.”

You can find it on the Google Play store for a $3.99.

I am using the app in Indonesia, where it is not widely available, and in English.

It is not as easy as in Indonesia.

The app does not seem to be translated to other languages.

When I typed the word “I love to watch tv,” it did not show the translation.

If I type in “젘저서띴환영메람,” it will show the correct English translation.

I type the word again, and the app says it is too difficult to type in English, and I have to type the correct word in Chinese.

This app does the Chinese translation and translates to English for me.

It does not take my input into account when it translates.

You need to be able to type correctly.

The app says to use the characters correctly.

But I typed this word in English and it said I did not know the character.

So that is why I had to type it wrong.

For Chinese, I think it is a good app.

The problem I have is in Chinese where the characters are not easy to type.

You need to understand how to type them.

Chinese does not have many characters to type properly.

The English translation is not the most accurate, but it is good enough for me to type these characters.

What do you think?

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