The New World Order and the Age of Mass Media

Next Big Futures, which is being run by a consortium of academic, venture capital, and industry partners, will bring together a diverse array of experts, researchers, practitioners, and journalists to explore how the Internet of Things, AI, and social media will fundamentally transform the way we interact with one another, both in person and digitally.

Its co-founders, Benjamin Zandberg and Matt Zangas, are co-presidents of the group.

The project, which was first announced last year, will provide a platform for the dissemination of data and analysis to inform policy and research about the future of global communications.

While it is not a prediction of a future world state, the project will be part of a larger effort to better understand the role of the Internet in changing how we communicate and engage in political and social movements.

Zandovs stated, “We believe that the Internet is fundamentally a political and communication system, and we believe it is also a technological platform.”

The consortium’s stated mission is to advance the field of communications research by providing a platform that is open to anyone and anyone with a basic understanding of communications, a platform to build and evaluate models of the future, and a platform enabling people to share and analyze data in a more open way.

The consortium will also work to foster the sharing and analysis of information that is relevant to the future.

As part of the collaboration, Next Big News will provide analysis and commentary about how the emerging technologies and platforms are transforming communication, and how the world will adapt to the changes.

Topics include, AI and robotics, AI-enabled apps, AI security, AI platforms, AI ethics, AI data, AI networks, AI news, AI surveillance, AI innovation, AI disruption, AI technology, and AI security.

Next Big news is also sponsoring a conference on the future future of social media, “Future of Social Media: Connecting World to World.”

This event will be held at the Future of Media conference on March 19th in New York City.

The Next BigFuture project is a joint effort between the Institute for Social Research (ISR), the Center for Social Media Research, and the Institute of Politics at the University of Warwick.

The ISR and the Center are cofounder and founding partners of Next Big.

The Center for Media Research at the School of Oriental and African Studies is the research partner.

For more information about Next Big, visit the Next Big website at Follow the Next BIG Future team at: @NextBigFuture

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