When Google finally removes the “fear” of English translation from its search results, you’re out of luck

I’m not sure why Google is so worried about English translation becoming the default for its search engine. 

I’ve searched for a few things on Google, and have found that they’re all English translations, or translations that don’t have the risk of offending people who may not speak the language.

But when I searched for things that were in English, the first thing that came up was a translation of the Russian version of the BBC English headline “The most hated country in the world.” 

(This is actually a bit misleading.

Google says that the headline is “the most hated in the World,” but this headline is actually more popular in Russia than it is in the U.S.)

I’m going to use Google’s translation of this article as an example. 

It’s a headline from the BBC that describes how Russia has been experiencing a “massacre” by the United States. 

And Google’s translations of the article are just about perfect.

The only problem is that the article is in Russian. 

So, Google, why do you have to do this? 

Google translation is one of the best ways to communicate to people in a foreign language. 

You don’t need a translator. 

But it does require you to know the language and understand the context in which it’s being written. 

Google doesn’t want to mess with its translation tool that’s meant to be used by millions of people every day. 

The problem is, Google is actually pretty good at messing with its translations.

Google has always been a company that is willing to compromise to get what it wants. 

We already knew that the Google search engine would always translate the words “United States” to “America.” 

And now, Google has gone so far as to make a translation that’s in the Russian language.


Well, Google didn’t want users to know that Google was trying to get away with using its own translation, which is just one of many translations that are available on the site. 

This was a bit of a surprise to me. 

When I saw the “Russian translation” headline on Google’s search results page, I thought it was pretty obvious that Google wanted to make it seem like Russia has “the deadliest country in history” because, well, that’s what the headline means. 

As a matter of fact, the headline has actually been translated in the past into a number of other languages, including the Russian “Простийсказивать” (a euphemism for the Soviet Union).

It’s hard to overstate how important this is to Google’s business.

The company’s main focus is on serving people around the world. 

If it had the option to translate anything at all, it would do so because it’s important to its business.

And when you translate a headline that you think you’ve read, people will have an easy time figuring out that you’re not really trying to be clever.

Google can make its users think that they understand something when, in reality, they don’t.

And that’s why Google wants to make translation as easy as possible for users. 

In a world where we can get by with Google translation, I’m sure the company is happy that people are getting a better translation than the English version. 

On the other hand, when Google does remove the “danger” of its translations, it’s going to make life for users who are trying to use the search engine a lot more difficult. 

For example, the most recent Google search result I found in English that I wanted to use was “What is the worst thing that could happen to a person in Russia?” 

I typed “Russia” and “Russia’s worst thing” into Google. 

Then I clicked “Search,” and the results popped up with a lot of Russian words. 

Now, the problem with this search result is that Google didn’ t even provide the original English text of the search result. 

Instead, Google translated the results into Russian and then showed the results in a way that would confuse Russian users.

The result in English looked very similar to the Russian results, and people were confused by the fact that they were not being given the original text. 

Fortunately, Google’s “fears” for its users were probably justified, as it’s been removing its translations of Google searches for years. 

To get to the bottom of Google’s efforts to censor Russian language search results in the wake of a mass shooting in the United Kingdom, I contacted Google’s global head of translation, Daniel Ruppert, who told me that the company’s goal was to make Google searches in Russian a little easier for Russian users to use. 

“There are a lot to be concerned about when we think about the impact of our search results,” Ruppet said

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