Why we need a cat translator for our time and space

This article first appeared on Vice News.

The US is already losing more people to natural disasters than any other nation, with nearly 1.3 million killed and 1.2 million displaced.

And as we wait for the latest in the pandemic, it’s no wonder the world’s top translators are stepping up to the plate.

In the last week, the US and Australia have released translations of the last two US presidents’ inaugural addresses to the nation.

It’s the first time since the US Constitution was ratified in 1789 that a foreign language has been used for the first three US president’s speeches.

The BBC has also translated President Obama’s speech, which was written in the second person.

The transcript is also being released by Google Translate.

The two countries’ efforts to make sure that all their citizens can enjoy the best of both worlds are being seen as a win-win.

In a new report from Bloomberg Businessweek, Daniela Cesar of the University of Massachusetts Boston and colleagues say that while we are losing some of the jobs of the world, the gains from that will be great for the people of the US.

The team looked at data from the World Bank’s Global Jobs and Development Tracker, which tracks jobs, poverty and inequality.

The report includes information on the number of jobs and the proportion of the population in poverty.

It also includes the percentage of people with internet access and the number who can’t read.

The latter is an indicator of literacy, or literacy at a basic level, which is a measurement of the number that have access to a device.

The team found that in the US, the country with the lowest proportion of people in poverty and literacy was Spain, where less than 6% of the country’s population is considered poor.

The number of people without internet access in Spain, the researchers wrote, “is about the same as the global average of about 5 million people.”

And while the report noted that the Spanish government has been spending money on internet access since 2011, the data also shows that, overall, the Spanish population is still much poorer than the US population.

As Bloomberg Businessman Andrew Ross Sorkin put it, the UK and France, with their poor literacy rates, have “taken the lead in improving the lives of the people who are most economically and culturally marginalized.”

The report points out that the US has the lowest literacy rate of any developed country.

According to the OECD, in 2011, it ranked 27th out of 34 OECD countries.

The US ranks 24th.

So, while the US is still struggling with its own problems, it is working to increase its global standing.

And that’s good news for those of us who are struggling to live a healthy life in a world where technology has made it easier for us to survive.

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